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EasyCommands will increase your productivity and workflows so you can work better.

What is EasyCommands?

EasyCommands allows you to specify workflows within your company where employees need to run a predefined set of tasks in the same way, every time. For example, when doing diagnostics and checking specific parts.

We also offer a Windows application that can automate certain tasks, like installing software, setting a background, etc. as defined by you, the administrator so repetitive tasks and human error are avoided.


A board contains lists and cards, an administrator can create boards that are pre-filled with lists and cards. These cards can contain checklists, descriptions, colors, and choices (with the ability to automatically move the card when a specific choice was selected).

When an employee starts working on a specific ticket, they can login to the special "Engineer" dashboard, select your board and get a editable copy so they can follow the steps that you specified without affecting the template.

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Windows Automatization

It is possible to create projects for automating repetitive tasks that need to be run on multiple systems. For example, when selling hardware you may want to install some software, set a company background, and updating the OS.

You can configure what a project should run, for example: Download a file from a remote location, Move that file to a specific location, set the background of the system to that file.

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EasyCommands offers various ways to optimize the workflows within your company. From automated software installation to web-based boards to help with tasks.

Cloud Based

EasyCommands is entirely cloud based, meaning that you do not have to worry about servers, updates, or anything like that. We'll take care of that.


You can assign specific projects to engineers, so they will only have access to the projects that you specified, keeping everything secure and organized.


You can create checklists and options within boards that engineers will have to follow, you can even automate moving the card to another list.

High Availability

Our servers are geo-replicated, meaning that we are not reliant on a single data-center, and we monitor our infrastructure 24/7 resulting in very high reliability.

Audit Log

When an engineer generates a board, they will have to enter an identifier (like a ticket ID from an external system). You can view all boards and see exactly who completed a task, and when.


With our "flows" feature you can create basic call-scripts or any other step by step process that requires the employee to choose a specific path that results to a text or solution.

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0,00 /mo
  • 1 project
  • 2 engineers
  • 3 custom actions
  • 5 commands / project
  • 10 executions / month
  • 5 board templates
  • 15 generated boards
  • 5 reminder notifications
  • 5 reminder products
  • 5 reminder templates
  • 10 reminder users
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14,99 /mo
  • 5 projects
  • 5 engineers
  • 10 custom actions
  • 15 commands / project
  • 250 executions / month
  • 15 board templates
  • 250 generated boards
  • 20 reminder notifications
  • 20 reminder products
  • 20 reminder templates
  • 50 reminder users
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19,99 /mo
  • 10 projects
  • 10 engineers
  • 15 custom actions
  • 30 commands / project
  • 500 executions / month
  • 40 board templates
  • 600 generated boards
  • 50 reminder notifications
  • 50 reminder products
  • 50 reminder templates
  • 100 reminder users
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39,99 /mo
  • 30 projects
  • 20 engineers
  • 30 custom actions
  • 40 commands / project
  • 1000 executions / month
  • 150 board templates
  • 1200 generated boards
  • 150 reminder notifications
  • 150 reminder products
  • 150 reminder templates
  • 300 reminder users
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