Software & workflow automatization.

EasyCommands will increase your productivity and workflows so you can work better.


EasyCommands offers various ways to optimize the workflows within your company. From automated software installation to web-based boards to help with tasks.


You can create "projects" that contain commands, we offer a lot of pre-created actions (e.g. set OEM information, install a program, copy file). These commands will run one by one using our software.


EasyCommands flow lets you create "flows", these are paths that your employees must follow, this can be very useful as a call script so your employee's all work the same way.


You can create boards with all the steps that must be taken to complete a task. This might be a process like taking in hardware. Employees can clone the board and fill it in.

Multiple Users

As an administrator, you can create users that have access to the "Engineer" dashboard. You can enable or disable access to specific modules for them, and select what projects they may execute.

Windows Software

Our software can be executed on Windows 10 systems. Your employees can log in with their credentials, select the desired project and we will execute all of your commands. We can even create a pre-defined board directly.

Cloud Based

EasyCommands is cloud-based software, everything is configured through the dashboard, and the only software you ever need to run is one program if you want to use our installation scripts module. No servers of any kind required.

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We offer various tiers to any kind of company, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


0,00 /mo
  • 1 project
  • 2 engineers
  • 3 custom actions
  • 5 commands / project
  • 10 executions / month
  • 5 board templates
  • 15 generated boards
  • 5 reminder notifications
  • 5 reminder products
  • 5 reminder templates
  • 10 reminder users
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14,99 /mo
  • 5 projects
  • 5 engineers
  • 10 custom actions
  • 15 commands / project
  • 250 executions / month
  • 15 board templates
  • 250 generated boards
  • 20 reminder notifications
  • 20 reminder products
  • 20 reminder templates
  • 50 reminder users
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19,99 /mo
  • 10 projects
  • 10 engineers
  • 15 custom actions
  • 30 commands / project
  • 500 executions / month
  • 40 board templates
  • 600 generated boards
  • 50 reminder notifications
  • 50 reminder products
  • 50 reminder templates
  • 100 reminder users
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39,99 /mo
  • 30 projects
  • 20 engineers
  • 30 custom actions
  • 40 commands / project
  • 1000 executions / month
  • 150 board templates
  • 1200 generated boards
  • 150 reminder notifications
  • 150 reminder products
  • 150 reminder templates
  • 300 reminder users
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